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 Contact information
+84(8) 3915 1173
95 Nguyen Cong Tru, Dist.1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  Our Services
We provide: Executive Search, Junior Search, Payroll Services, Outsourcing, Temporary Staffing and Outplacement Services.
Executive Search
We work with a small team of dedicated consultants who each specialize in a certain sector. The advantage is not only their exact knowledge of the positions but also their strong network in that sector.
Sectors in which we have our expertise are:
  • FMCG
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing/packaging
  • IT
  • Chemical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Financial services/insurance
  • Construction
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Junior Search
Junior Search is a search for positions with a salary lower than USD 800.
Based on your criteria for the vacancy we will present you with candidates that have a perfect match with these criteria and have confirmed to be interested in your vacancy.

Usually a search takes only a few days.
The search fee is much lower than the Executive Search fee and related to the amount of CV’s that you would like to receive.
If no suited candidates are found, no payment has to be done.
  • A fast and cheap way to receive CV’s of candidates that match with your requirements and have indicated that they are interested in the position offered.
Payroll Services
We can set up and manage your payroll system including calculation and payments of salary , health insurances, social insurances, PIT, bonuses, allowances, etc..
Outsourced staffing
When you are too small to employ your own HR, Admin. or Accountant, we can provide these services for you.
Temporary staffing
When you are in urgent need of some temporary staff, we can provide you with qualified HR, Admin.
PA and accountancy staff usually within a day.
Outplacement support
A combination of services to support your staff in finding another suitable job outside your company.
Our Outplacement support consists of:
  • Training (individual/group): “CV writing skills”
  • Training (individual/group): “Interview skills”
  • Active job search for the candidate
  • Coaching the candidate throughout the job seeking process
                 - Prepare the candidate for each interview
                 - Evaluate each interview and provide suggestions for improvement.
Fees are:
  • Individual training: USD 450 (1/2 day).
  • Group training (8 persons): USD 1.200 (1 day).
  • Active job search: Fee is based on success only. If the candidate finds a suitable job, the fee is two month’s gross salary of this job.
  • Coaching: USD 900 per month. Coaching can only be provided if the candidate followed the two trainings.
  • A practical and focused service for companies who take responsibility for their staff.
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